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[DEWYTREE] 抽式快速面膜 (30片) Product Summary

品牌名 : DEWYTREE | 商品编码 : DEWYP02-Mmoi | 重量 : 300g (0.66 lbs)

DEWYTREE 抽式快速面膜 (30片) 加倍呵护您的肌肤。

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[DEWYTREE] 抽式快速面膜 (30片)加倍呵护您的肌肤!时尚韩国正品直购平台将为您提供最优质的韩国商品、美妆个护 Cosmetics、男士护肤 Skincare、面膜贴 Mask Sheet。

Aqua The essence type sheet mask simultaneously provides exfoliation and moisture for dry and rough skin to achieve the perfect base makeup. Exfoliation and moisture care for the perfect base makeup. Glycolic acid ingredient enables gentle exfoliating while triple hyaluronic acid helps moisture penetrate deep into the inner skin. 
Calming Full
The essence type sheet mask helps to calm the irritated skin and turn dull skin into radiant, glowing skin. Soothing and cooling mask for tired skin. Peppermint ingredient calms and cools down the irritated skin while lime extract helps to restore skin vitality.
Moisture Full
The cream type sheet mask provides moisture into the flaky skin and restore skin elasticity. Moisture care and tightening mask for loose, flaccid skin. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin with ceramide ingredient while collagen ingredient helps to enhance the skin elasticity.
Light Up
The cream type sheet mask provides multi vitamin and caring dull and dry skin with black bee honey extract. Multi vitamin and black bee honey extract provides brightening and nutrition to skin.


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